Kelley Fox
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Kelley Fox

Portland, Oregon, USA

Kelley Fox Wines is a small winery I created along with my father, Gerson Stearns. The first vintage was 2007, starting with just over 100 cases. The annual case production is now just shy of 2000 cases, all from the historic Maresh Vineyard and the Demeter-certified biodynamic Momtazi Vineyard (since the beginning).


The Maresh and the Momtazi bottling so far have been 100% free-run. The rest of my Maresh fruit has been coming from blocks Jim Maresh Sr. has personally farmed. The wines are pressed at dryness in a modern basket press through 2014 and a pneumatic press 2015 and beyond. Both the free-run and press wine are settled-separately-before barrelling down Malolactic fermentations to date have been spontaneous. Bottling is about 11 months post-picking and on biodynamically favourable dates. Most often I don’t rack my wines once the barrels are filled at harvest until assemblage/bottling.


Zero new oak since 2012 and going forward. I pay a lot of attention to the moon and the planets and their always-changing relationships and energy throughout the year-not that I act on it that much in a way that can be articulated-mainly letting things flow with those things instead of trying to counter them My wines are deeply loved-I am not kidding-I wish I were, because it sounds so horribly canned/new age/crazy. Please understand that the way I do things does not imply that I am against my peers doing things differently or that it is “wrong” etc.


Bio Dynamic.

Imports, USA
Available In
New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria