Domaine Rémi Jobard
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Domaine Rémi Jobard

Domaine Rémi Jobard
Meursault, Côte d’Or, Burgundy France

“Remi’s wines have become increasingly precise and intense over a decade. This is top quality under the radar.” – Sarah Marsh MW, Oenologique


A fine winemaker, Rémi Jobard produces wines that only really express themselves over time, the estate defends a very classic approach to wines.


From a very long line of winegrowers dating back to the 15th century, Rémi Jobard took over from his father Charles in 1992. He kept his approach very pragmatic, while changing the way of working in the vineyard and the winery, becoming Certified Organic in 2008. The entire vineyard is cordon-pruned, so yields are naturally limited, no use of fertiliser since 1994, and the vineyard is grassed-over to encourage the vine roots to go deep. He says that the two most important things are the absence of weedkiller (and thus the necessity to plough, which cuts any surface roots and makes the vine go deeper) and not adding any fertiliser which again makes the roots go deeper to find nutrients.


Rémi has two vast presses, to enable him to press very slowly over six hours, and this has resulted in a big jump in finesse. The élevage now lasts nearly fifteen months, so as to allow the wines to develop slowly and to avoid fining. As a result these are wines which take a moment to show, but which reward the patient with complexity and great depth of flavour. To capture all of the texture and nuance Remi now bottles all of his wines without filtration 16 months after vintage. To enhance the mineral character over sweetness or bitterness, Remi ages all his wines in tight-grained 1200L Stockinger barrels from Austria, Rémi made a move from traditional barrels to foudres made of a mix of French, Austrian and Slavonian oak, constructed by Austrian cooper Stockinger, and having added a new one (or two) each year, there’s barely a normal barrel left. He likes the way the wines develop in these large volumes, in which the ‘oaking’ effect is minimised,aromatic purity is the result.


Rémi Jobard owned area: 9 hectares in operation (including 7 hectares in white) Number of appellations: 13 Number of bottles: 50,000.


Certified Organic

France, Imports
Available In
New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria