Domaine de Souch
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Domaine de Souch

Jurancon, South West France

Yvonne Hegoburu was 60 years old when she decided to get into winemaking in 1987. The project began when Yvonne and her late husband, René, bought 16 hectares of land at the top of a hill in the village of Laroin. They will not learn until later that there was formerly a famous vineyard, that of a certain Jean de Souch, a trustee of vine growers of the slopes of Laroin and Saint Faust.


The Jean de Souch vineyard was originally planted in the seventeenth century, but it did not survive the phylloxera of the early twentieth century. The de Souch vineyard enjoys an ideal exposure throughout the year, allowing it to take full advantage of the winds of Spain. Winds that are especially essential for raisining for the secret Jurançon wines and assisting in the natural dehydration of the grapes, thus allowing a slow but intense maturation, resulting in high concentrations and utterly delicious wines.


The de Souch is effectively separated from neighbouring wineries with woodland, their elevation and natural spaces, therefore avoiding contamination from neighbouring vineyards. The trellising is unusual for the region, using double guyot rather than stake training, as is typical of the region. Pruning is short, allowing for 25-30hl/ha yields. The soil of the estate is a heavy, flinty clay, full of what are known as “poudingues”, calcareous components. All vineyard and harvesting is maintained and tended by hand.


Petit Manseng (70%), Gros Manseng (20%) and Courbu (10%), thrive in this framework. Biodynamics, tillage, handpicking scrupulously small yields, contribute to their quality and give a strong identity and a perfect balance to their wines.


Certified in organic farming with strict biodynamics principles. Member de Biodyvin.

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