Tinker’s Bequest Mature Vine Pinot Noir

Fruit Handling: Picked by hand into small, 10kg cases allowing the fruit to arrive at the winery’s sorting table undamaged and intact. Picked and fermented separately in 2-tonned stainless ”“ steel fermenters. 96% whole cluster component.

Fermentation: Naturally occurring carbon dioxide is harvested off a Gewurztraminer ferment and used to constantly saturate the entire whole cluster fermenter. This provides the extremely healthy fruit adequate protection whilst the yeast take time to multiply. The winery’s resident yeast population (non-inoculated) started fermenting on the 8th day of cuvaison. The ferments reached maximum temperatures of up to 27Celsius. It then tracked more or less the same as a mature vine pinot noir, with very gentle pigeage, perhaps only once or twice every few days.

Wine analysis at bottling:

PH          3.55

T.A         6.3G/L

Als.         13.3%

R.S          <2g/l