Terms & Conditions


Quality Estate Distributors has a wholesale license to supply a minimum of 18 litres which is equivalent to 24 x 750mlbottles of wine.


Goods and Services will be subject to GST at a rate of 10% and wine will be subject to Wine Equalisation Tax (WET)at the rate of 29% unless an exemption is applicable. Any WET exemption claims will require a valid tax exemption number form to be provided to Quality Estate Distributors NSW by the purchaser.


Quality Estate Distributors NSW will deliver stock to the customer within a 48 hour period; 72 hours if you are situated outside the metropolitan area. If an order is extremely urgent for delivery the next day, Quality Estate Distributors must be given the order by 1.00pm. There will be no exceptions.


Single Case orders will incur a $4.70 + GST charge. Orders that are broken or split case cases incur a repack fee of $2.75 + GST per re-pack.


As per invoice. Risk in the goods shall pass to the customer on delivery but legal ownership of the goods will only be transferred to the Customer at the moment of receipt of net payment in full thereof. Until that moment the Customer shall store the goods separately and hold them as bailee only in the capacity of fiduciary owner provided always the Customer may on sell and as a consequence deliver goods to any third party purchaser in the ordinary course of the Customer’s business in which event the Customer shall maintain separate records at any such sale, account for proceeds of any such sale upon receipt, and hold proceeds in trust for us separately pending payment. Full credit terms and conditions are available on our website, www.qedwines.com.au

Nett all purchases and allied services – All invoices to be paid in full 30 days from invoice date.

Payment to ’ QEDNSW Pty Ltd’ shall be made in cash with the Customer’s order unless the Customer completes ‘QEDNSW Pty Ltd’ application for credit and ‘QEDNSW Pty Ltd’ approve the Customer’s current credit rating, whereupon full payment for all involved items shall be made 30 days from date of invoice. Full terms and conditions of sales apply of services apply as per the ‘QEDNSW Pty Ltd’ price list and as per reverse of all invoices as per account application for credit forms. Cheques and payments shall be made payable to ‘QEDNSW Pty Ltd’. Payments by cheque shall not be deemed made until the cheques have been cleared.


In order to recognize a claim for damage or loss during transport by Quality Estate Distributors NSW carriers, Quality Estate Distributors NSW must be notified at the time of the delivery. No claim will be accepted for out of condition wine unless proof of purchased is supplied.


The Customer must notify Quality Estate Distributors NSW in writing of any change in ownership of the Customer, or of shares or of directors of the Customer if a company, or of any change of business address or registered office of the Customer, within 7 days of the change.


The Goods Price, The Services Fee and other charges by Quality Estate Distributors NSW to the customer are subject to alteration without notice.


Payment is to be made in cash on receipt of delivery unless a Quality Estate Distributors NSW credit application has been filled out complete with references, returned and approved based on current credit rating. Cheques shall be made payable to Quality Estate Distributors NSW. Payment by cheque shall not be deemed made until the cheque has cleared. EFT into our bank account is preferred.


If the customer fails to make payment on or by the due date, Quality Estate Distributors NSW may, in addition to taking any possible further action, suspend all further delivery of goods. Interest of 1.5% per month and will be charged for overdue accounts.



An additional merchant service fee of 1.5% + GST  for Mastercard and Visa and 2% + GST on American Express will be applied to the dollar amount paid by credit card.


Irrespective of any terms and conditions in the Customer’s order forms, or irrespective of the Customer not reading the terms and conditions, acceptance (by retaining the Goods or any other method) of the Goods ordered by the Customer will be conclusive acceptance of the terms and conditions of sale contained herein.

Yours sincerely
Matthew Quirk | Proprietor