Silent Way – nsw, act, qld

Silent Way

Silent way is a plot of earth 550 meters above sea level in the Macedon Ranges, Victoria. Purchased in 2007 by Matt Harrop and Tamara Grischy. The wines produced are in small quantities, express the soils they are grown in and are styles we love to drink. Earthworms, birds, snakes, friendship and love are our symbols for Silent Way. Earthworms are ecosystem engineers; they change the structure of their environment. They are nature’s little farmers and plough and mix up the soil. Their tunnelling loosens the soil so water and nutrients can go downward. Birds are important as they make essential contributions to our ecosystem. They get rid of harmful insects and predatory birds keep down the populations of rodents such as mice and rats. Snakes have important ecological value. They are silent predators of the world and keep the animal population in balance. Snakes have mysterious connotation and symbolise loyal love.