Red Rose



From our Stonewell Hill and Stelzer Road vineyards:
1.7t Shiraz | 1.9t ‘Red Rosé’ Block Mixed varieties | 0.45t Riesling | 1.0t Crouchen | 0.3t White Fronti
Ashley Ratcliff:
0.5t Vermentino from his Barmera Block
Kevin Bartsch:
2.2t Mixed varieties from his Langmeil Road nursery block
Total of around 8.1 tonne yielding 8550 bottles. Bottled 31st of March 2016


2015 brings the vinous components of this vibrant wine to an epic ‘One Hundred and Eight Varieties’ aka the 2015 Red Rosé saga. “But Dave,” I hear you say “…that’s just too INSANE TO BE TRUE!!!” Well, dear potential drinker, what you (with a simple click) hold in your hand is proof irrefutable that ‘au contraire’, it is not only possible but absolutely delicious as well!


Brilliant Deep Raspberry with seductive pink notes about the meniscus


Perfectly ripe raspberries and toffee apples soar gracefully over a potpourri of fragrant rose petal , Turkish delight with a cheeky hint of yeasty autolysis and harmonious oak peeking out underneath


Emulating a perfect raspberry and red current crush with lovely tight acidity leading through a generous fruit driven body finishing with a long lingering smear of lime and butterscotch sorbet. The rich floral characters of the Aromatic Varieties give an implied middle palate sweetness that is fully cleansed by the slightly sweet but crisp finish. Best when lightly chilled.