Pinot Noir Ahurani Momtazi Vineyard



“Ahurani is an ancient Persian goddess of water and well-being. Many springs course through Momtazi Vineyard, the source of this Demeter Certified Biodynamic wine. All of the flora and fauna on the label are a portion of what lives among and flies above these vines.”  (from the back label)

I am very happy to introduce several new bottlings starting with the 2015 vintage, and this is the first. Starting in 2015, the Mirabai (not ready for release until February/March) will have 100% Maresh Vineyard fruit, and in a way, the Ahurani is like the Mirabai of Momtazi Vineyard. It is a selection of 26 barrels of wines from all of my blocks at Momtazi Vineyard. The colour is deeper than that of the Mirabai 2015: it is medium brilliant red with blue hues and has a penetrating, pure, mineral-fruit nose. While it is true I am mad, it is also true that I can smell the very particular smell of the air above the many springs pouring and tumbling over the rocks during the winter and spring in this wine. While it is the most approachable of my Momtazi bottlings (which may not be saying much, because it is not at all tame), there is something hidden, perhaps crouching about it. After all, it is Momtazi. There is a slight salinity to this wine, though the fruits (yes-fruits) are far more cherry-like than berry-like. It has huge life force and has the feeling of radiant power.

Appellation: McMinnville A.V.A.

Picking Dates: Block L field blend, 14 September; Block C (115), 15/16 September; Block B (667), 21 September; and Block K (667), 23 September

Barrels: no new wood-all neutral Burgundy barrels (228L) Bottling Date: 29 June 2016 Alcohol: 13.0 % Cases Produced: 607