Momtazi Vineyard Pinot Noir



A bit darker in colour than the Maresh, the 2013 Momtazi is a brilliant light-ish red with a very youthful fuschia tinge. It is reflective like the way light reflects from the facade of a gem or a crystal. The nose is classic Momtazi: the first smells are dominated by the same smell as when a summer rain hits dusty stones. There is a whiff of spice (from the farm and not from barrels-I use only neutral wood) and feeling of faraway. The exotic. After some time in the glass, the minerals are wrapped around the fruit in the most pleasing way. The tension of the Momtazi is more like that of a bow and arrow, in contrast to the rather formless but ever-present tension felt in the Maresh. It is precise and focused. The wine is full of energy and intelligence, like an animal crouched in the dark who is watching you. A repeating motif for the wine I produce from this farm. Still tightly coiled, the 2013 Momtazi will need decanting before drinking for at least a year or two. It is long and slow-burning like embers. It has fire energy and fire eyes. It is not tame, and a beauty because of that