Maresh Vineyard Pinot Noir 2013


Much like the 2013 Mirabai, the 2013 Maresh Vineyard is, again, utterly transparent and full of light. The colour is a youthful, delicate, very light red approaching dark pink.  As I wrote before, this happens to be my favourite hue for a red wine. This eight-barrel cuvee has three barrels of Blocks 1 and 2 (1974 self-rooted Wadensvil and 1978 self-rooted Pommard in front of and behind the Maresh Red Barn and farmed by Jim Maresh, Sr.); three barrels of my Old Block (1970 self-rooted Wadensvil), and two barrels of my Long Rows (1970 self-rooted Wadensvil). The 2013 has already a nose that reached me from the glass and distracted me in the middle of answering an e-mail after first pouring: such pure Maresh smells of Hood strawberries and fresh rain on good earth (not stones). A touch of spring greenness and the tension/energy of life pushing. When I tasted it, I felt a quickening in my nerves. It is a serious wine in the mouth. More structured and more tense than what the nose told. It shows a powerful glimpse, but it is holding back most of itself right now. It is very Maresh-like in its silken-ness, but it is certainly not the heavy kind of silk. It has wings, just like the farm has wings of countless songbirds, the red-tailed hawks, and the butterflies. A mirroring happens there.