Kayagatake Blanc Koshu

Grace Koshu Kayagatake Blanc NV



Vintage: 2015
Grape origin: the foot of Mt. Kayagatake in Yamanashi prefecture
Grape variety: Koshu
Vinification: Fermentation and maturation in stainless steel tank
Alcohol by volume: 11.5%
Volume: 750ml
Wine type: (W) Dry
Production: 15,398 bottles
This wine is made from Koshu, Japan’s indigenous vitis vinifera white grape variety, which has been growing in Japan for over 1,000 years. The grapes used are grown on the foot of Mt. Kayagatake in Yamanashi prefecture. Kayagatake’s long sunshine hours and cool climate contribute to the excellent quality of the wines, giving a lively and transparent palate with fresh citrus aromas.
Bright pale yellow with green tinge. Citrus aromas of lime and grapefruit, herb aromas of thyme and freshly mown lawn grass, as well as spice aroma of white pepper, all demonstrating freshness. Bone dry with a smooth attack. Conspicuous but lively acidity reminiscent of cool climes. The palate shows flavours of the same citrus and herb nuances as the nose, firm and opens up to give an impression of plenty of coolness