Golden Scrumpy Cider



A cunning blend of 38% Golden Delicious Apples 28% White Frontignac 23% Semillon & 11% Riesling. Sourced from The Eden Valley, Barossa Valley and Forest Range in the Adelaide Hills. Whole Fruit basket-pressed and co-fermented cold to extract  maximum flavor.  Lightly sparkling, full of fruit with a crispy fresh finish. Chock full of naughty and totally refreshing
Total production 1000 Cases of 24 x 330mL Bottles.


I must be honest and admit that I am a relatively recent convert to the world of cider. Going back twenty odd years ago the ciders that were available left me so scarred that I hadn’t even bothered to try one again until a couple of years ago. A good mate Paul Brown handed me a beautiful imported Pear Cider from Europe. This was a revelation to say the least and sparked a minor boom for the local bottle shop – Tanunda Cellars- as I went on a quest to try and find some ciders I could really sink my teeth into. By and large however I found that the local offerings just didn’t cut it for me!. They seemed to lack the crispness and depth that I was really craving. The answer to me seemed quite logical… have a crack at it myself! The very first cider was made back in 2012 from Golden delicious apples. The initial flavours during ferment were pretty good but lacked once again that backbone and structure that I so desperately craved. I followed my gut and introduced Semillon to my bubbling brew and *CLICK* the pieces fell into place as the Scrumpy delivered so much more than I could have hoped. the 2015 cider took the concept to the next level, using as my base White Frontignac Semillon and Riesling from the vineyard and Golden Delicious from the orchard to create a rich complex base with boggins of apply goodness supporting the grapy zest at it’s core. Enjoy with a hint of caution, however at 8.2% Alc by Vol these little Assassins pack a bit of a punch!


Very Bright light new straw with hints of pale lime green with a gentle tight bead.


The lovely up front aromatics of the Fronti are underpinned by the citrus notes of the Riesling and Semillon which are woven deliciously with the fruity apply character of the Golden Delicious over subtle hints of yeasty bready goodness


Firm crisp and slightly sweet juicy fruit is beautifully balanced with gentle spritz from the light sparkle. The mixture of the grape and apple varieties harmonize to give a full spectrum of delicious refreshing fruit with a lovely crisp finish. Deceptively drinkable with the sting in the tail carefully hidden… until the second bottle gets the tongue wagging and the worlds problems within solvable reach!