‘The General Practitioner’ Grenache Petit Verdot



Grenache sourced from Steve Martin’s 2 Orphan Moppa rows co-fermented with our own Grenache grown on 1923 planted bush vines from our Stonewell Hill block Cunningly blended with Petit Verdot Sourced from Bernie Kaeding and Sam Kurtz’s Moppa Block… with a Dash of Cabernet from our Stelzer Road Block.

Grenache 86% (2080 litres) Petit Verdot 12% (300 Litres) Cabernet Sauvignon 2% (50 litres).

A total of 3060 bottles of The General Practitioner, 2012 has been produced


The General Practitioner, 2012 Grenache Petit Verdot (with a dash of Cabernet) is the next step in my evolving exploration of Grenache. My aim is to make this wonderful varietal into wines that have elegance, an aromatic punch but still remain true to their Origins in the Barossa. To really capture the elegant essence of Grenache I picked at ‘fresh ripeness’ rather than the jammy ripe point so often the norm. Finally, in the time honored Aussie fashion, I threw a couple of cheeky ‘Bordeaux’ lasses into bed with my Dashing Rhone-ish Grenache and badda bing badda bang badda BOOM… the Doctor is in the house!


Deep Cherry Red over a rich Black Currant core.


Red currants and boysenberries, underpinned with a delightfully blue fruited core.  Gentle hints of Mahogany and fresh cut tobacco weave through the background of spicy oak


Elegantly seamless early ‘red’ steps up followed by the rank and file of summer berries gradually deepening to the dark purple blacks of the late ripening fruit. Lingering spice with poised  structured tannins that define and highlight, rather than dry or clash. Oak is present as a background murmur, the Petit Verdot and Cabernet Sauvignon harmonize but without a doubt – Grenache holds center stage.