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Domaine Barmes Buecher

The Domaine was officially created in 1985 after the marriage of Genevieve Buecher and Francois Barmes. It was the born from the union of two grape growing and winemaking families whose vineyards have been in the family since the 17th century. After the Domaine was created, Francois, a winemaker with a larger than life personality, converted the entire estate to biodynamics having been inspired by Francois Bouchet. He had wanted the wines of Barmes Buecher to stand out from those of his peers. In addition, he considered the negative health effects of using chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the vineyard and questioned whether such practices, as well as the use of commercial yeasts, standardized the flavour

profile of the wines. By 1998 the estate had been converted and was officially certified. Today the estate is composed of 16 hectares. We work 9 unique terroirs, including three Grand Crus. The majority of the vineyards are located on moderate to steep hillsides in primarily limestone soils. We produce 20 different cuvees each vintage each highlighting the unique nuances of the soils and grapes. Our biodynamic wines are terroir – driven, pure, balanced and powerful, characteristics that, if respected, are derived entirely from the balance and energy that exists inherently in the vineyards vintage after vintage.