Brut Classic NV



Tasting Notes
The intense golden appearance is topped with a mousse of great finesse – the Deutz signature characteristic of wines having benefited from long maturation on the lees.
On the nose, the wine initially displays floral notes (hawthorn blossom, white flowers), followed by aromas of toast, marzipan and ripe fruits (apples, pears)
In the mouth, the freshness of the Chardonnay and the richness of the Pinot Noir enhance the wine’s full-bodied elegance, presenting a wine with finely integrated aromas and a silky texture.
The wine is well-rounded with an intensely fruity finish.
Composition of the Cuvee
Brut Classic is a fine multi vintage champagne, blended from selected harvests. Each year, a certain proportion of reserve wine (between 20 and 40%) is added to the blend
in order to maintain a level of consistency, complexity and the particular house style desired. The key to the Brut Classic’s distinctive style lies in using only top quality fruit and in selecting the
finest crus (20 to 30) from the Marne area ; the final balance is achieved using only the three principal grape varieties of Champagne : Pinot Noir (1/3), Pinot Meunier (1/3) and Chardonnay (1/3).
Food and Wine Affinities
This “Classic” champagne is the most eclectic of the Deutz range : it is ideal as an aperitif and may
also accompany a variety of fish dishes (salmon, turbot, John Dory), poultry and white meats.