Akeno Koshu


Vintage: 2015
Grape origin: Misawa estate vineyard in Akeno-cho, in Yamanashi prefecture
Altitude: 700 m
Soils: Clay volcanic
Grape variety: Koshu
Vinification: fermentation and maturation in stainless steel tank
Alcohol by volume: 11.5 %
Volume: 750ml
Wine type: (W) Dry
Production: 4,006 bottles

The wine is made from Koshu, an indigenous grape variety in Japan. It is also the only vitis vinifera grape variety originated from Asia. Koshu is semi-aromatic. Its wine at its best has a delicate and subtle flavour profile, is low in alcohol and has a gentle attack on the palate; is transparent and fresh with vibrant acidity. The delicateness and subtlety and yet with complexity and depth share in a lot of ways with the characteristics of the Japanese culture.