Wild Savagnin “Hexam”



Savagnin is an ancient variety that has been around since the 10th century. It has become a parent to many of today’s modern grapes.

This wine is made using minimal intervention on full solids to create a textural and complex wine. With hallmark citrus acidity and excellent intensity fused together with the brooding flavours of age old tradition.

Yarra Valley Hexham Vineyard – 100% Savagnin

  • 95 points Ian Bailey – A top Drop – ‘Assertive and Rich’
  • 92 points Andrew Graham – Oz Wine Review – ‘I’d smash a bottle no problems’
  • 92 points Jeremy Oliver – Australian Wine Annual – “Deliciously flavoured and textured”
  • Bronze Medal  International Cool Climate Wine Awards


So intriguing to us is Savagnin we’ve not only continued exploring its unique pulpy lemon tang, spicy honey and zippy acid flavour profiles as a cool tank ferment Savarro but, last vintage, we made something altogether a little more funky.

We took five tonnes of Savagnin fruit and pressed it into barrels with full solids and let the wild yeasts ferment naturally. We then matured it in these barrels for nine months. We call this Wild Savagnin and although reminiscent of our Savarro, it is something even more textural, showing some funk from the solids and wild yeast. We think this Wild Savagnin will stand the test of time and age beautifully for 15 or more years.

– 7.8 standard drinks – 13.2% alcohol