Mirabai Pinot Noir 2014


The 2014 Mirabai is a cuvee of fourteen barrels of my blocks at Maresh Vineyard-Block 1 (1974), Block 2 (1978), the Old Block (1970), the Long Rows (1970), and Block 8 (1978), all on their own roots- and two barrels of my blocks of Momtazi Vineyard- Blocks C and B (1999). This Mirabai is a bit darker in colour than the 2013 bottling, but it is lighter than medium red and pleasingly light-filled. A continuum of deep pinks shine transparently in the glass. Now that it has been since 2009 for this cuvee, I think there is a Mirabai-ness that comes through each vintage: looking back on my notes for this wine over the years, I find many of the same words. This one reminds me of being in a field of sun-warmed Hood strawberries after a June rain. The field in its wholeness.The mouth has the classic, enduring Maresh silk with a lovely weight without the heaviness. It has more of a powdery soft minerality than the typical wet stone kind of Momtazi. There is a slight salinity. An ocean-y feeling not unlike when the heavy rainclouds roll into the vineyard from the Pacific bring the smell and taste of fresh sea air. The 2014 is as fresh-feeling as that, with lots of beautiful energy and the knowing that comes from old vines. It is long and sits with you even as it moves.


2013 Kelley Fox Wines Willamette Valley Mirabai Pinot Noir
Review by John Rankin, Chambers Street Wines, New York
“We try a lot of wine. Most of it good, every now and then bad, but seldom do we taste something that transcends what we expect from a region. We had that sort of  transcendental experience when Kelley Fox first came to see us with her self-titled Pinot Noirs. Kelley has worked as a winemaker in Oregon for 14 years, and she started her label in 2007. Her wines are a direct reflection of her sensibilities: she personally does all of her canopy work by hand, picking, sorting, and then following the natural fermentations into wine. Mirabai is a blend of Pinot Noir from a legendary pair of vineyards: Maresh and Momtazi. The results are stunning, full of freshness and lifted flavors of strawberry, cherry, raspberry, warm spice, and zesty acidity. All of this, and a delicate and precise frame. Highly recommended as an example of the heights that Pinot Noir can achieve.