Plane Turning Right Merlot Petit Verdot Cabernet



49% Merlot from Ebenezer, 40% Petit Verdot Grown by Bernie Kaeding and Sam Kurtz on their edge of Moppa Block and 11% Cabernet Sauvignon from our Horse Paddock Block Total production 2280 bottles made.


Vermilion lips promises of kisses to follow


Initially the waft of an exotic well coiffed lady of mystery seductively catches the edge of your nose before her jealous beau dressed in tweed looms out of the bramble patch carefully packing a cherry wood pipe with three nuns Tobacco giving a warning glance…


The stick is pushed forward and a heady dive into a whirlpool of gauzy silken scarves, coy glances and promises of heaven while the steady Rhumba of a well rounded dancer leads you ever further from the safety of your friends. You turn to look back but the purple haze obscures your vision and cherry wood sticks softly tap on your thighs; warnings of discipline to come… Before the night draws to a close